Heidelberg Materials: IEMA Sustainability Training

Heidelberg Materials: IEMA Sustainability Training

Heidelberg Materials is a leading supplier of building materials to the construction industry. It has adopted ambitious net zero goals and it needs to deliver on its 2030 Sustainability Commitments across its business – which in the UK includes cement, concrete, aggregates, asphalt and road contracting services.

Net zero and circularity are huge opportunities for them – and they have a significant influence on the construction industry including everything from major infrastructure projects to builders merchants. To support their sustainability goals – the buy-in and understanding of their workforce is critical We have supported Heidelberg materials with bespoke workforce training programmes including utilising the IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce Syllabus (so the participants gain a recognised IEMA certificate also): We have developed training programmes including:
  • Heidelberg Materials IEMA Sustainability for Managers
  • Heidelberg Materials IEMA Sustainability for Supervisors
  • Sustainability for Heidelberg Materials Commercial Teams

Client: Heidelberg Materials

Project: IEMA Sustainability Training

Year: 2017- 2024

It is key our operational and commercial teams speak about sustainability confidently and competently and these courses have been invaluable in helping our business achieve this.

The IEMA course that I participated in was probably one of the most beneficial learning courses I have attended, during my time with Heideberg Materials.

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