IEMA: Development of Sustainability Training Programmes

IEMA: Development of Sustainability Training Programmes

IEMA, the Institute of Environmental and Management Assessment, is the leading international sustainability membership body whose mission is to Transform the World to Sustainability. They provide training, support, and resources to help  organisations develop green skills and deal with sustainability challenges.

Watts Sustainability, as well as being an IEMA Approved Training Provider, has written a large proportion of IEMA’s training portfolio that are used by training providers all over the world.  These include:

  • IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management (FCIEM) is a 5-day course that provides foundation sustainability knowledge, covering a wide range of environmental, sustainability and governances principles
  • IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management – a high-level course (15 days) and route to Practitioner Membership of IEMA
  • IEMA Environmental Sustainabiliy Skills for the Workforce and for Managers are a 1-day and 2-day courses, respectively. Both provide learners with practical introduction to environmental sustainability.
  • IEMA Pathways to Net Zero course – helping organisations plan a meaningful net zero strategy over a 2 day course covering the basics of carbon accounting, target setting and net zero frameworks.

Client: IEMA

Project: Development of sustainability courses

Year: 2018 – 2024

‘Peter has a unique set of skills being a technical expert whilst able to fashion this knowledge into fantastic training content, as most recently demonstrated by the Pathways to Net Zero course he’s authored. It’s through his years and varied experiences of delivering quality training and consultancy he’s been able to develop such a rounded set of content’

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