Kid A: Greenhouse Gas Inventory Verification

Kid A: Greenhouse Gas Inventory Verification

Kid-A is an award winning telecommunications consultancy and is a certified B-Corp and social enterprise.  Kid-A pride themselves in demonstrating high standards of verified performance, accountability and transparency.  They have committed to strong climate action and a science-based  approach to net zero. 

Watts Sustainability were commissioned to help them with this task as an independent third-party verifier – helping them to understand and implement the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and to assure their calculation processes for their climate impacts across scope 1, 2 and 3.

During the verification process, Watts Sustainability spotted various areas of improvements and uncertainties and helped hone their carbon footprint.  For example – we showed them how to improve their calculation approach for purchased goods and services, so it would reflect better their actual emissions and would give them more leverage to be able to act on them.  This included advising Kid-A on how to engage with their suppliers on collecting supplier-specific data, but also collecting more precise data on logistics.

At Watts Sustainability, we know that data collection and calculation of carbon can be a real challenge, and we are really happy we could help Kid-A with this project.

Client: Kid-A

Project: Assurance and verification of greenhouse gas inventory

Year: 2023

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