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Work with an IEMA Approved Training provider with more than 20 years experience. Courses from Watts Sustainability combine expertise in education with the credibility from delivering on sustainability challenges in the real world

Our courses are designed to be practical and business-oriented, offering flexibility in delivery. Training can be delivered online. All of our trainers hold IEMA certification, ensuring high-quality instruction.

We specialise in the delivery of inhouse courses and have a specialism in developing client specific courses which are backed by IEMA certification. This approach we have taken for clients including The LEGO Group, Heidelberg Materials, South Western Railway, Institute of Cancer Research and others.

Our course portfolio includes:

  • IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce
  • IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Manager
  • IEMA Foundation Course in Environmental Management
  • IEMA Pathways to Net Zero

IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management (leading to Associate Membership of IEMA)
Public course dates for 2024.

Delivery mode: Day release, tutor led, virtual classroom

Cohort 1: 5 x consecutive Thursdays: 20/06/24, 27/06/2024, 04/07/24, 11/07/24, 18/07/24.

Cohort 2: 5 x consecutive Tuesdays: 10/09/24, 17/09/24, 24/09/24, 01/10/24, 08/10/24.

Cohort 3: 5 x consecutive Tuesdays: 05/11/24, 12/11/24, 19/11/24, 26/11/24, 03/12/24

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IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management

This 5-day course offers a foundational understanding of environmental and sustainability concepts, management tools, and skills, leading to IEMA Associate Membership.

IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce and Manager

ESSW is an introductory one-day course that empowers learners to make a positive impact in their organisation. ESSM is a two-day course that builds knowledge into more detail. Both intended to support any industry/business sector in taking a proactive sustainability approach

IEMA Pathways to Net Zero

This course provides guidance on responding to the climate crisis. It is intended to support supervisors and leaders with an overview on how to develop a net zero approach including target setting, frameworks and decarbonisation.

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What our clients say

‘It was really great to have an external training provider who so clearly understood our specific industry and tailored appropriate parts of the course to the railway - using well researched and engaging examples. I learnt a great deal today and will endeavour to be more sustainable as an individual as well as encouraging continued progress and change within our business. Thank you Peter!’

South Western Railway IEMA course participant

‘Very engaging workshop, excellent facilitation, not boring! Not tiring, and very informative and both serious and light-hearted as appropriate’

The LEGO Group IEMA course participant

‘The course materials were perfectly prepared. I left the training feeling really energised and motivated to do my part, both in and outside of work, to help tackle the climate crisis. I also came away feeling like I am much better equipped to impress upon external business partners WHY we need to prioritise such activities together. All in all, a great training very well delivered.

The LEGO Group IEMA course participant