IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management

Work with an IEMA Approved Training provider with more than 20 years experience. Courses from Watts Sustainability combine expertise in education with the credibility from delivering on sustainability challenges in the real world

The IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management provides detailed knowledge of environmental and sustainability principles with management tools and skills to help you deliver the positive change your business needs.

No previous experience is required, this accredited qualification completed in just 5 days will provide your workforce with the green skills needed to begin or further your career in environmental sustainability.

After course completion the participant will also gain a recognised qualification – Associate Membership with IEMA (AIEMA). The IEMA Membership comes with many benefits, and upon booking the Foundation Certificate you will join as an affiliate member. After completing the qualification you will be upgraded to associate membership. Should you already possess IEMA membership, upon booking the courses your membership will be extended by 12 months.

Upcoming dates (all tutor-led, virtual classroom)

  • Cohort 1: 5 x consecutive Thursdays: 20/06/24, 27/06/2024, 04/07/24, 11/07/24, 18/07/24.
  • Cohort 2: 5 x consecutive Tuesdays: 10/09/24, 17/09/24, 24/09/24, 01/10/24, 08/10/24.
  • Cohort 3: 5 x consecutive Tuesdays: 05/11/24, 12/11/24, 19/11/24, 26/11/24, 03/12/24




5 days

Available to book

£1,050 + VAT

Download the IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management course syllabus

What will you learn?

1. Fundamentals of Sustainability, Business and Governance
Outline the implications of global trends for the environment, for society, for the economy and for organisations.

2. Sustainable business/governance principles
Outline sustainable business/governance principles and their relationship with organisations, products and services.

3. Environmental principles
Outline environmental principles and their relationship with organisations, products and services.

4. Policy and legislation
Outline major policy and legislation and their implications for organisations, products and services.

5. Tools, techniques, systems and practices
Outline major tools, techniques, systems and practices used to improve sustainability performance.

6. The role of innovation
Outline the role of innovation and other leading practices in developing sustainable products and services and providing sustainable solutions.

7. Data collection and analysis
Understand how to collect and critically analyse data, and report information that informs decision making.

8. Providing sustainable solutions
Identify problems and assess opportunities that deliver innovative and sustainable products and services.

9. Effective communication and capture feedback
Determine, implement, and measure methods of effective communication.

10. Engage with stakeholders
Identify the best ways to engage in two-way communication with stakeholders.

11. Identify opportunities and risks
Understand how to apply or implement tools, techniques, systems and practices that identify opportunities and risks.

12. Ways to improve performance
Outline how to deliver projects and programmes that achieve sustainability performance improvement.

13. Implement change and transformation
Understand how to support change and transformation to improve sustainability

Why train with us?

At Watts Sustainability, we specialise in high-quality courses that drive real workplace change and have authored multiple IEMA courses, highlighting our expertise in sustainable practices and professional growth.

We are also a sustainability consultancy with experience across a wide range of sectors and disciplines. Our courses draw upon the real-world experience we have, and our trainers are sustainability professionals who bring courses to life drawing upon their extensive knowledge.

What is IEMA training?

IEMA training comprises professional development, training, and short courses. Candidates will be provided with strong understanding of environmental and sustainability performance in the workplace, facilitating the support of improved sustainability and environmental practices in the organisations.

Why chose an IEMA accredited course?

IEMA is highly respected professional body for everyone working in environment and sustainability. IEMA aims to drive positive change in the world by providing its members with the necessary tools, resources, and training to achieve environmental sustainability.

Course duration

5 days (approx 40 hours) - interactive engaging live online sessions delivered in a virtual classroom setting.

Course assessment

Candidates will complete course assessment online. Once course is completed candidates will be sent an exam link and will have four weeks to complete the 1-hour open-book multiple choice assessment.

Watts Sustainability provides support throughout the course, and you will be given practice questions prior the real test as well as a chance to a retake.

What is included:

  • 5 days of tutor guided Distance Learning Course delivered via Microsoft Teams
  • Course materials
  • IEMA certification (upon successful completion of IEMA Associate assessment)
  • IEMA Associate Membership for one year


£1,050 + VAT including course materials, course assessment and 1 year IEMA membership

Upcoming dates

  • Cohort 1: 5 consecutives Thursdays: 20/06/24, 27/06/2024, 04/07/24, 11/07/24, 18/07/24.
  • Cohort 2: 5 consecutives Tuesdays: 10/09/24, 17/09/24, 24/09/24, 01/10/24, 08/10/24.
  • Cohort 3: 5 consecutives Tuesdays: 05/11/24, 12/11/24, 19/11/24, 26/11/24, 03/12/24.

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What our clients say

‘It was really great to have an external training provider who so clearly understood our specific industry and tailored appropriate parts of the course to the railway - using well researched and engaging examples. I learnt a great deal today and will endeavour to be more sustainable as an individual as well as encouraging continued progress and change within our business. Thank you Peter!’

South Western Railway IEMA course participant

‘Very engaging workshop, excellent facilitation, not boring! Not tiring, and very informative and both serious and light-hearted as appropriate’

The LEGO Group IEMA course participant

‘The course materials were perfectly prepared. I left the training feeling really energised and motivated to do my part, both in and outside of work, to help tackle the climate crisis. I also came away feeling like I am much better equipped to impress upon external business partners WHY we need to prioritise such activities together. All in all, a great training very well delivered.

The LEGO Group IEMA course participant