Our Team

Watts Sustainability has a core team of sustainability professionals with the ability to bring in extra support and additional specialists and trainers to deliver projects of a variety of sizes.

Peter Watts


Peter founded Watts Sustainability after working within sustainability strategy and management for more than 20 years. Peter knows how effective a well-structured  sustainability programme can be for businesses and third sector organisations of all sizes. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (FIEMA), a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv), and a registered Lead ESOS Assessor and Environmental Auditor.

Peter has experience working in international companies, institutions and government on sustainability issues and helping them build capability, understanding their impact on the climate and ecological crises and moving forward with effective solutions.

When not working on sustainability projects – he is a keen swimmer, cyclist and triathlete and loves to travel. Peter’s rescue dog Robin is also a frequent attendee at inhouse meetings and is popular with many of our clients.

Peter Watts

Jonathan Kazimierski

Sustainability Consultant

Jonathan is dedicated to helping both public and private organisations in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, paving the way for a net-zero economy. A key specialism is carbon footprinting and net zero – and delivering decarbonisation for our clients.

Jonathan also works on the development of sustainability strategies and material circularity projects. Through consulting with our clients –  he identifies opportunities to drive positive and lasting outcomes for them. Jonathan has a diverse background in consulting, forest restoration, and renewable energy.

Jonathan believes that even minor efforts can yield significant impacts – such as in the garden constructing bug hotels from scrap wood, sowing native wildflowers in the spring to attract essential pollinators, promoting the growth of mosses and mushrooms, maintaining a compost bin for the food garden, installing bat boxes for hibernation and feeding birds during the winter.

Ed Ridgeon

Sustainability Consultant

Ed is enthusiastic about our clients sustainability literacy and green skills development  – and works with our clients at the different stages of their journey. Whether delivering structured training within recognised frameworks or creating bespoke training solutions, Ed relishes the opportunity to work closely with clients and understand their goals. Ed also works on a variety of other sustainability projects including sustainability strategy and carbon and energy reduction commissions.

Ed is an MSc graduate in Sustainable Development as well as being an IEMA member – he says. Prior to working in consulting, he gained valuable in-house experience in sustainability in a multi-site retail organisation.

Ed is obsessed with the natural world and enjoys nothing more than walking in the countryside with his family! Ed also enjoys gardening and doing his bit to be nature positive. He is a keen musician and attributes his experience on stage as a reason why he is confident in communicating sustainability to varying groups of people in his work life.

Ed Ridgeon

Ligia Melhado

Sustainability Support Manager

Lígia is an environmental management professional with a big dedication to sustainability from a young age. Her role involves optimising business processes and applying her sustainability expertise to drive impactful projects. When it comes to business operations, sales, and marketing, and training management, Lígia collaborates closely with the team to achieve the best results and make sure sustainability is at the front of all we do.

With a robust academic background in environmental management and hands-on experience, Lígia brings a holistic perspective to sustainability challenges.

Beyond her professional commitments, Lígia is passionate about both ballet and contemporary dance. She also enjoys exploring museums and exhibitions, coupled with a love for writing as a creative outlet for expressing her thoughts and insights.


Sustainability Support Dog

Robin is a regular at Watts Sustainability and frequently pops up at our online meetings and elsewhere.

She really enjoys natural assets like squirrels and foxes and is partial to attention from clients, strangers and anyone who might have a snack for her.