Training and green skills

We provide the knowledge and skills that you and your team need to succeed in the low carbon and green economy

Green skills is a broad term used to refer to the technical skills, knowledge, behaviours, and capabilities required to tackle environmental challenges. Training and green skills is not only about increasing the number of sustainability roles that exist in your organisation, but also making sure that sustainability skills are incorporated in already existing roles.

We are specialised in developing tailored courses to support our client sustainability plans wherever they stage in the sustainability journey. We are an IEMA Approved Training provider.

Services include:

  • Training to deliver increased organisational resilience, literacy in issues such as net zero and the developing new products, services and increased market share.
  • Courses backed by IEMA accreditation – for example we have designed training programmes where participants learn about client specific sustainability issues but also gain IEMA Working with Environmental Sustainability qualification.
  • Bespoke courses – for example around a specific issue or audience – for example we developed a Sustainability Strategy training course for the co-operative and mutual sector or have produced training resources for the ceramics sector.
  • We create engaging and interactive e-learning – no boring text based click-throughs here! including embedded video, interactive exercises and challenges, gamification and other creative ideas.

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We provide the knowledge and skills that you and your team need to succeed in the low carbon and green economy.

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What our clients say

‘It was really great to have an external training provider who so clearly understood our specific industry and tailored appropriate parts of the course to the railway - using well researched and engaging examples. I learnt a great deal today and will endeavour to be more sustainable as an individual as well as encouraging continued progress and change within our business. Thank you Peter!’

South Western Railway IEMA course participant

‘The course materials were perfectly prepared. I left the training feeling really energised and motivated to do my part, both in and outside of work, to help tackle the climate crisis. I also came away feeling like I am much better equipped to impress upon external business partners WHY we need to prioritise such activities together. All in all, a great training very well delivered.

The LEGO Group IEMA course participant

The IEMA course that I participated in was probably one of the most beneficial learning courses I have attended, during my time with Heidelberg Materials.

Hilton Law
Unit Manager for Heidelberg Materials

It is key our operational and commercial teams speak about sustainability confidently and competently and these courses have been invaluable in helping our business achieve this

Stewart Jones
Senior Sustainability manager, Heidelberg Materials

Peter has a unique set of skills being a technical expert whilst able to fashion this knowledge into fantastic training content, as most recently demonstrated by the Pathways to Net Zero course he’s authored. It’s through his years and varied experiences of delivering quality training and consultancy he’s been able to develop such a rounded set of content.

Edward Brown
Training and Development Manager, IEMA